The nature of this fruit is cold and wet and it has a lot of magnesium, and thus it is effective in the activity of muscles, digestive system and nervous system. Tangerines contain vitamins A, B1, B2, C, protein, fat, sugar, and a lot of phosphorus and calcium.

Different types of tangerines for export

Anshu tangerine Jaffa orange (clementine)
Local Tangerine
Page Tangerine
Tanjila Tangerine
Younesi Tangerine
Kino Tangerine
Bandari Tangerine
Clementine Tangerine
Cara-Minola Tangerine
Orlando Tanjelo Tangerine


Tangerine cartons can be non-printed, plain or laminated, and can be offered as three-layer or five-layer cartons, depending on the weight they must withstand. The printing and design on the carton of these products is either flexo or offset and in some cases, it is offered to the market without printing. The design on the box can be based on both individual tastes and the tastes of the people the product is sent to.